Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clarification and New News

Someone misinterpreted my last post, so I feel I must clarify what I meant. I do not and would not wish tragedy on anyone. That is very far from where my heart is. I have shed tears over the election results, but they are not of bitterness. There is a difference between sadness or disappointment, and bitterness. I am happy for Senator Obama and for his family and for all African Americans. I love my country and believe in Democracy and will support any sitting President with prayer and with a hopeful attitude.

I think anytime someone begins to write about politics or spiritual things, there is a chance of alienating someone. Readers who disagree or are offended by my conservative views will quit reading. That is okay, since I do this for writing practice and for an emotional outlet, and to help me sort out my own thoughts. I don't do it to gain readers, although I very much appreciate and need the connection to other moms.

Also, toward the end of pregnancy, I am always cranky. So if I seem bitter lately, it is mostly just impatiently wanting to meet my baby girl and get out of this swollen, varicosed, downright fat body I currently have. LOL

I had an appointment today, and because my belly seems small and because of my age and the rise in blood pressure, the doctor will now see me once a week and give the baby a non-stress test each time. I will also have another complete ultrasound next week. The last ultrasound gave a weight of 4 pounds, at approximately 31 weeks. I'll be 34 weeks tomorrow. Ultrasound weights aren't that accurate, but I am hoping the baby will be at least 5.7 pounds at birth. Any smaller than that I think is considered to be officially "low birth weight".

Emily Rose got over her stomach virus in about three days, and thus far no one else has fallen ill. That has been a big blessing!


Evenspor said...

Just a few weeks left. So exciting. Let us know how the ultrasound goes.

Liz said...

Okay, seriously... if I could just remember my password I would post more often!

Pam -- don't apologize! It's your blog, it's your opinion, and quite frankly half the problem in our world is the fear of alienating someone by saying what we believe!

I hope you're feeling okay.. hang in there. The reward is near!