Sunday, October 12, 2008

In a Funk

I'm in a funk and haven't felt like writing lately. The possible outcome of the election is getting to me, as much as I'm trying to keep some perspective. Four Supreme Court justices may retire during the next President's term. If Obama gets elected, he will appoint liberal judges whose hearts aren't right toward the unborn, resulting in significant, lasting change to the High Court. As much as I feel horrible about those who have lost their savings and retirement, I still think the issue of more and more innocent lives taken without even pain killer is the most significant tragedy of our time.

I have a family to raise! I don't have time to feel this sad!

Thankfully, church helped a lot this morning. The pastor said very little about the election, except to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote. Beyond that, he reminded us that politics is not the answer. Only God can change hearts. Our jobs are to pray that whoever takes over is willing to lay prostrate before God, asking to be used as His instrument.

The other thing really bothering me is my relationship with my mother. We talked on the phone the other day, and she went on about how Bush and deregulation have caused the financial crisis, and that Bush will go down as the worst president of all time. Excuse me? The last deregulation bill was 1999, signed by Bill Clinton, and championed by both Republicans and Democrats, and even voted for by Joe Biden. There has been nothing new since then, and Clinton to this day says he doesn't regret signing the bill. Bush pushed for more to be done, as well as many Republicans (including McCain), but members of the relevant committees in Congress and in the Senate thought the situation was controlled enough.

I have learned something very important during this election. Each party peddles lies. They consider it very effective, since so few people check facts or question their political party. Indeed, it is very effective. My mom was totally clueless as to the Bush Administration's roll in the credit crisis. It was convenient, and encouraged by her political party, to consider him the villain in all things.

We have to fact check everything. Every single debate, every assertion, every bill....simply everything. Very unsettling is the fact that our electorate has been suffering from lack of information, especially during the last eight years. With the network news broadcasts being made up of 90% Democrats, we are facing a horrible imbalance of information power. Americans have to try harder, dig more, to get truth. So many stories don't get told.

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Steph said...

I can relate. We're having an election here in Canada, too, and there's a lot of spin and propaganda and deception. Heck, sometimes I add to it! Seriously, though, I find it helps to be informed and to remember to vote for who YOU truly believe will do the best job. You are just one vote but you will be counted. I've given up on voting strategically - I go with who I think will represent me best, whether they have a hope of winning or not.

Now, election schmelection. This, too, shall pass. Find yourself some sunshine and go play with the kids!