Friday, October 24, 2008

False Fungus Alarm

Well, my sweet baby girl has no fungus whatsoever, anywhere. The rash on her leg was indeed just eczema, and I made it far worse by stopping the moisturizers and starting the anti-fungal. She's got the worse case I've seen of my three children! I felt horrible when I thought it was ringworm, and now I feel even more horrible for making it so much worse. It is now painful and there are more spots, which he thought probably showed up because at the same time I stopped the moisturizing, the heater started coming on at night, aggravating the condition. He had to prescribe a topical steroid cream for her legs, and a special anti-dandruff shampoo for her cradle cap.

He also said that Cetaphil cream is the best for a chapped face or for controlling eczema, since it doesn't cause breakouts. Walgreens makes a generic form of it with exactly the same ingredients. That ended up being a very good thing, since it's a very expensive cream.

You live and learn in this parenting life. And pray, pray, pray that God's grace covers over stupidity, such as trying to use the Internet as a doctor. Of course, if medical fees would become more reasonable, fewer of us would turn to the Internet. Not that I want socialized medicine or anything.

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