Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Don't Vote Based on Economy

Please, America, if you're going to vote for Obama, do it for sound reasons. The credit woes are not the fault of the sitting president, or the Republicans. They resulted from greed on the part of lending-company executives and home-buying consumers, and the failure of relevant committees in Congress and in the Senate to provide sufficient oversight over that greed.

Obama cannot help the economy. Arguably, the market was overinflated anyway and we are going through an adjustment period. For example, we sold a California home in 2005 and made over $100,000 profit, after owning it just three years. We bought it in September, 2001 for $100,000 and sold it in June, 2005 for $238,000. It was a blessing. It paid off my hefty student loans, our cars, our credit cards, and the second mortgage we took out to allow me to work only part-time after our children were born. But, does that kind of profit in that amount of time sound reasonable? No. The market was definitely overinflated.

The current headlines are due in large part to widespread panic selling, which doesn't help anyone. God is in control of your today and your tomorrow. Not the President or any other branch of government. That said, Congress has made mistakes and has hopefully learned from them. Don't blame the President or a certain political party. Do the research. Learn about how little the President actually affects the economy. And keep in mind that the Democrats hold a majority in the Congress, not the Republicans. But regardless, these woes aren't due to one political party.

Vote for your candidate for reasons other than the economy. Your candidate might have ideas about taxing and spending, but Congress has the real control.

And don't believe that we have the money to fund Obama's healthcare plan. He will have to reverse the Bush tax cuts (which will affect families making less than $250,000 also. He isn't referring to this as a tax hike, but it definitely is.) and raise many other taxes to pay for it. As well, it is doubtful that enough members of the Senate and Congress would support an expensive health care plan, given the state of our economy.

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