Friday, September 19, 2008

How Does Anyone Do This? Insanity!

This is not my usual blog time. I had to come into my bedroom to avoid having my own ugly, childish meltdown. It is just before dinner. Don is away, having left at 6 am, to work a shift and a half. He won't be home until about 8:30 pm. My I just say, I am going OUT OF MY MIND? How does anyone do this? All of you who are single moms, or wives of very busy husbands, I salute you. You are stronger people than I am. These kids are seriously driving me insane. The boys were given the arduous task of cleaning their playroom, and now, ninety minutes and much whining later, the floor in there is still not clear enough for me to vacuum. If it weren't in such serious need of a vacuuming, I wouldn't do this to myself today.

I still have to get dinner, baths, and stories done. God help me. We have no chocolate in this entire house.

Thank you for listening.


Liz said...

Oh my dear sister... I hear ya! If I had your address I would send you chocolate! I wish we were neighbors, I would help. Really I would. In a way I think it's harder when we've waited, for whatever reasons, and we're a bit older and we've planned and visualized how we would be as mothers and we realize we really had no clue how truly difficult and grueling this job is. Hang in there. You're in good company.

Fern said...

Poor you! I hope it got easier. I have no idea at all how single parents (or those who have to parent alone a lot) do it.

Jodie Allen said...

It is really hard and from my perspective, it doesn't get easier! My husband leaves for work around 6:30am every day and gets home some days at 6pm but most days it's after 8pm...which means he misses the kids entire day most days. It's hard. And lonely. And exhausting. The only way I don't go insane is that my mom and MIL both live really close and help me out a lot. I would have lost it a long time ago if not for their help!

Do you have anyone near that can give you a break every once in a while? If I were closer I would help! :)

Steph said...

No chocolate?! That's dreadful! I hate it when that happens - especially when people are having tantrums nearby. Hope the evening got better!