Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Single-Issue Voting

A commenter from my previous post asked why I would vote and put our country in the hands of someone I don't believe in (referring to John McCain). I responded that McCain believes life begins at conception, and would appoint judges who believe the same.

In 2004 there were 1.2 million abortions in the U.S. Roughly ten percent of abortionists don't report, so the actual figure is estimated to be one in three conceptions, with California, Florida, the East Coast, and New England states being the worst offenders.

The largest age group represented is the over 25 segment of the population. In 1973, 20% of abortions were repeat abortions, rising to 44% in 1987, and then to 45% in 1995.

As a comparison, Canada's total number in 1993 was 104,403. A pro-choice law was passed there in 1988, and abortions have risen steadily since, although they certainly don't come close to ours.

I am not a pacifist, but if you are, consider that more people are killed worldwide through abortion than through wars. In my mind, there's no voting issue as important as this. Other types of murder are punished, but this type is accepted by a majority of Americans. Whatever shortsightedness Republicans may have on other issues, they certainly see the truth on this one.

I think this is a heart (spiritual) issue, as is the failure of our country to properly care for the poor and disadvantaged. Only God can solve issues of the heart. Politicians can't, and usually won't try, even if they know Truth. The Bible has the answers for all of our public and private woes.

Tithing, which is giving ten percent of one's income back to God, is something that would go a long way toward feeding, clothing and housing the impoverished. But only God can change some one's heart, enabling them to give that much money. He changes the person so that they don't consume as much, they save more, and have a portion leftover to help others. Many religions try to force the ten percent tithe, but without a personal relationship with God, (rather than just a relationship with a church or denomination) most people don't have enough faith to do it.

Common social problems leading to higher poverty rates are divorce and out-of-wedlock births. Again, only God can change the heart of a spouse, or of a single person, so that marriage and child-bearing are practiced as God designed them. When God is the center of a person's life, they are more able and willing to forgive the trespasses of their spouse. The spouse isn't everything to them - God is. When God is number one, it matters less how imperfect others are. In the case of a single person, there is less reason to engage in premarital sex, when God is number one, nourishing and enriching that person's spirit and life. Waiting for marriage becomes possible.

Regarding the rise we would have in poverty rates if abortions were reduced, I can only say that I believe God will provide for those children. If he changes the hearts of the aborters and supporters, he will also change the hearts of those previously unwilling to adopt.

Perhaps we may have a prominent politician sometime in the future who will dare to teach God's way, even if it isn't necessarily referred to as God's. Until then, I don't really "believe" in any politician. I can only decide what issue is most important to God, and vote accordingly.

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