Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Missionary Blogs

You might recall that I wrote a review of our experience at a Christian and Missionary Alliance church recently. A CMA missionary in Kosovo happened upon my blog and left a comment, which allowed me to find his website and read through some of his ministry-blog archive. It was such a blessing to me, so I asked him for permission to post it for you, as well as the blogs of his colleagues.

His name is Jeff Singfiel, and he serves with his wife Melissa, and his two daughters. Please pray for Melissa, who is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Using his website, you can sign up for a prayer e-mail, which I'm sure would be a blessing to the whole Balkans team. While Jeff doesn't currently write as much, I think you would really be blessed by the archives of his "One Missionary in Kosovo" blog. Even if you aren't particularly interested in overseas missions, I still think you would benefit from perusing these resources. They are such a beautiful example of God's love and power.

As well, I want to recommend the blogs of some of his colleagues, specifically Ron and Lisa Ramsey. Ron is hilarious and his wife is just very, very sweet. Here are the links.

One Missionary in Kosovo

Colleague Blog Links

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Jeff said...

Thanks Pam. That's awfully kind of you. Thanks for the post and for sharing our work with your friends. God bless!