Friday, July 18, 2008

Chocolate or Huggies?

Emily has been using Walmart generic diapers since birth with no problem. They're reasonably priced, fit well and don't leak. Several months ago, when she began sleeping at night for longer stretches, it became necessary to start buying nighttime diapers. Not able to find a generic brand, I had to settle on Huggies Overnights, which are quite expensive.

She's sleeping through the night now, (yeah!) so they're even more necessary. The last pack I bought were purchased in a leaner financial month, so getting them meant I had to cut out some other chocolate. Chocolate, ladies! I had to do without it for two weeks. It's my only indulgence, and it makes me verrryyy happy.

Looking ahead at the new baby's arrival, I surmised that chocolate would have to eliminated for as long as I had two using diapers, wipes and desitin. So what did I do? What any self-respecting chocolate lover would do! I bought Emily a potty seat. It's pink and reminds me of a little personal throne. I love it, she loves it, we all love it. We're excited about Emily using her lovely little girlie seat. She looks adorable on it.

We know very well that nineteen months is very early for training, but Mommy needs her chocolate, by golly! Every night before the bath, we put her on it and she loves it. Several days went by, but nothing appeared. Then one night, after the children's baths were done and they were all asleep, I went into the bathroom to get a shower and happened to notice what appeared to be water in the potty seat. I thought Emily or the boys must have dumped some bath water in there. But when I looked closer, I wasn't sure so I smelled it. Sure enough, it wasn't water! My sweet Rose had gone pee pee and we didn't even realize it! We didn't even get to praise her!

Maybe this is all wishful thinking. I didn't start training the boys until they were three, and even then it still took eight months for them to decide they were ready for big-boy underpants. Let's hope it's true about girls training early, or I'm in big trouble ladies.

Is it too silly to ask for your prayers on this? We always tell the boys that God can do ANYTHING! After all, he HAS kept Daniel's blue gill fish alive all this time. I'm not kidding! If he can answer prayers about keeping blue gill fish as pets, certainly he can answer chocolate prayers. That's my thinking anyway. LOL


Betsy said...

What a great story. I can't think of a better incentive to start potty training. Some sacrifices should never have to be made. On that note, I think I'll go grab a nibble of my Green and Black's dark chocolate bar from my cupboard. It will go nice with my iced coffee. I think I remember chocolate, like everything, giving me heartburn when I was pregnant. How are you feeling?
Thanks for coming over to numbmum. I have been completely slack about updating lately. I just can't seem to find the time. Summer is getting the best of me.

Steph said...

Potty training is truly a glorious thing! As is chocolate. Good luck! In my experience girls are easier.

Danielle said...

It can be done! My daughter was potty trained by 20 months old, took 3 days and it was over, she was in panties forevermore. She was totally ready and did it completely on her own timetable...

My son on the other hand, 22 months now, is showing no signs at all of being ready. Maybe it is true what they say that girls have a more sensitive internal indicator of the sensation of having to pee. Who knows!