Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Tribute to My Insect-Loving Son

To say that Daniel loves insects is putting it mildly. They are his passion, his escape, his salvation, from all things ordinary, routine, and tedious. His very happiness depends on insects. He is counting the days until the fireflies appear. I had him make a paper chain to keep track of the firefly countdown, so he would stop pestering me about it. As well, he wants to know when the grasshoppers will appear, and how late in summer he has to wait for the abundant caterpillars. This banner is for him. I love a kid with passions! They are a sign of a sane, enthusiastic, hopeful mind.

He undoubtedly inherited the insect passion from Daddy, and the fresh strawberry-eating passion from me. Together, we can really put away some pints. Reminds me that I need to research the best and closet berry-picking farm. That's one of our family's favorite summer pastimes.

What are some of yours?

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Ashley said...

My younger brother loved insects too! He would spend hours outside with his bug catcher in the empty lot next door, and when he caught a particularly interesting bug, he would freeze it in our freezer to preserve it perfectly to examine under his microscope later.

Once or twice, though, he was too excited to get back outside to catch more bugs and instead of freezing a bug in a tupperware or bug cage, he just released them into the freezer and ran back outside. I'll never forget the orange popsicle I almost ate with a frozen beetle stuck on it. Ew!