Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nighttime Comforter

Well, we're pretty miserably sick here. The boys and my husband have bronchitis, and the baby picked up Fifth Disease during her well-check last Monday. I have a head cold, with fatigue and a lot of throat drainage. I imagine Emily also has our cold virus. She has a very runny nose and fever and isn't sleeping well. We're back to newborn-frequency night nursing. I've been sleeping part of the time with her cradled in my arms to keep her elevated enough to facilitate easy breathing.

I have my faults and tend to dwell on them frequently, unfortunately. Once in a while, though, I come up with something I really like about myself. Right now, it's my patience and loving kindness in taking care of sick kids, no matter how many wake-ups they're causing. My heart just aches for them whenever they're uncomfortable. The past few nights I have, about every hour or so, had to go to one or the other of them. I really love the privilege of being their comforter. Mind you, I'm not very good at playing with train tracks or cars; Daddy is great at that. But I'm good for something besides laundry and housework, thank God!

Now my husband, wonderful though he is, simply can't be counted on to come up with one ounce of loving kindness when awakened in the middle of the night, especially when he is sick himself. For example, I was busy comforting baby around four in the morning, and Timmy came into her room crying for a drink. I was afraid he would wake her up, so I asked him to please go see Daddy for a drink. And what did Daddy say? "What until morning!" This, despite the fact that we are working hard to keep the kids hydrated during this illness, or any illness, for that matter! I was not amused, to say the least. I love my husband dearly, but I shudder to think about how the kids would be treated if I died and they only had Don for middle-of-the-night comforting.

I put Emily in her crib to go get Timmy a drink, and she stayed asleep for about an hour, thank goodness. He didn't end up waking her.

The weather is finally warming up and we're itching to be well and enjoy Spring! Gets a little depressing, doesn't it, when everybody is ill and all the routines are out the window?

Well, my Miss Rosey Roo (nickname) is crying again. That's all for tonight. Go out and enjoy a spring walk for us!


Steph said...

The cycle of illness...itching for spring...sounds a lot like our house! I hasten to add, though, Groom-boy is really good about helping in the night. Phew!

Evenspor said...

I feel like we've been sick off and on all winter too.

Lately my husband has been the patient one in the middle of the night, though, and I have been the cranky one, so my son is now in a major daddy preference phase. If I get up to take care of them in the middle of the night he says, "No Go away!" or, "Go back to bed, Mama!"

I really appreciate all the comments you have been making on my blogs. Thanks. :)