Sunday, April 20, 2008

More on Polygamist Children Child Custody Case

After Arthur Hu commented on my last post, I felt the need to further clarify my feelings about the State involvement with the Polygamist children.

I do not think they should have taken them. Further, the sect certainly should have the freedom to practice their religion, within the confines of the law.

I think the State acting so aggressively sets a dangerous precedent, which frankly scares me. As a homeschooler, I know such tactics may at some point threaten homeschooling families, who are viewed negatively by the political left. The National Education Association, a powerful liberal teachers' union with a very strong lobby presence in Washington, D.C., is particularly dangerous to homeschoolers.

However, now that the State has determined the children will go to foster homes for up to eighteen months, I believe God can use the situation for good. Yes, the foster care system is wrought with scary problems. But, God is God. He is the Almighty. Certainly he is capable of ensuring that each and every one of those children receives, through contact with the right people, a saved-by-grace salvation message. Since the sect does not allow anyone to enter their compound, the children and families had little or no opportunity of otherwise hearing a saved-by-grace salvation message. I trust God to use this situation to penetrate hearts, possibly even the hearts of the court workers, media, and viewers involved.

Of course, not everyone's heart will receive a saved-by-grace message. Some feel it is too easy. Certainly something needs to be added. It can't be that simple, right?

But in at least hearing it, and seeing it played out in people's lives, a seed can be planted, to be faithfully watered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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