Monday, April 14, 2008

The Bunnies Are Back

The bunnies are back! They love our backyard, much to the delight of the children. My husband filled the feeders last weekend and purposely spilled some seed under them, hoping to get a greater variety of animals in our yard. Turns out that the bunnies loves the sunflower seeds that are mixed in with the bird feed. It was such a treat to have them so close to the dining room window, as it was Emily's first up-close glimpse of a real bunny.

Emily is staying a little longer in her highchair, since we began facing it toward the window. Her favorite bird is a cardinal; every time she sees one she makes delighted sounds, and points frantically. She seems to have definitely inherited the nature-loving gene. I saw a blue jay yesterday, which I know she would enjoy, but he didn't stay around long enough for me to hurry Rose over to the window.

Do you remember the last time you planted seeds with children? Isn't it one of the most rewarding parenting times? We filled our 50 tiny peat pots today with perennial seeds. BTW: You can get these pots at Wal-mart, complete with a convenient tray and plastic cover, for starting indoors.

The boys love any type of planting. They are always amazed at how tiny many seeds are, and about the sheer variety of seeds one encounters. As adults, we can lose sight of what a miracle seeds really are. All that variety and beauty and mystery, packaged so humbly. And what a treat when the first shoot appears out of the ground. We think it will, we know it will, but it is still amazing when it does. Especially when children are doing the planting. :)

Daniel was disappointed that it's still too early to start vegetables. Being a California native, I was just shocked when I learned that you can't start anything outdoors here until about Memorial Day. Danger of frost doesn't pass until then. We always planted in mid March in Ca.

I don't have enough time to read gardening magazines or study planting books just yet, but I look forward to a time when I can really dig into creating pretty flower gardens. We are fortunate to have bought this house from a retired couple who spent 60 hours a week in their yard. There are lots of pretty things planted, most notably about 60 tulips underneath our red maple tree, as well as some crocuses and daffodils. It's a wonderful yearly treat. Last year a late snow ruined them, but I have high hopes for this year. It was only in the forties today, but sunny. Recently, we've had some nice days in the 60's, with sunshine. One day it even reached 70 degrees.

Pregnancy Corner

I picked out a couple baby names. Too early I know, with a 35% chance of miscarriage, but I like to live the glass-half-full way, even though I'm a worrier. I have a lot of those conflicting kinds of personality traits. lol

Anna Grace for a girl. John or David for a boy. David (Biblical David) loved the Lord so much! Yes, I know there was that adultery thing, but what about all those wonderful Psalms he wrote? There's no denying how much he loved the Lord. I would love to have a child with that much passion for God!

For better or for worse, I'm already attached to this child. Doesn't ever take me long. I really love having children - really. Sleep would be good though. A good sleeper would be nice. Emily is a wonderful napper. That fact has really made things workable here these last 16 months. Homeschooling would be almost impossible with little ones around who don't nap well. God knows my needs.

P.S. Thank you, Anonymous, for all your nice comments, by the way. I assume every time I get a comment from "Anonymous" that it is the same person? I really appreciate you stopping by. God Bless!

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Ashley said...

Congratulations! Oh wow - I missed a lot during my two weeks of hibernating with my little family. I understand how it's hard to separate our your joyful emotions from the scared and surprised ones that come with an unexpected pregnancy. God must have amazing plans for your family to work such a miracle, and I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!