Monday, March 3, 2008

The Great Snow Melt

God is Good!

After my last blog post, a fellow Google Blogger, Ashley, wrote that she wanted to be accountability partners in the endeavor to limit our time on MOMformation. Wow! She wrote within twenty-four hours of me writing my prayer for God's help. God is so responsive! It's another reminder that He doesn't expect us to accomplish anything without him. In fact, all accomplishments worth anything CAN'T be done without Him. In this case, he brought Ashley, and Arwen, another fellow blogger struggling with the same issue, into my life to help me reach the potential he has for me as his child, and as a parent.

Family Walk

We started our family walks again yesterday. Temps were in the thirties. We decided we would resume them, on each day temps reach 30 degrees, despite the fact that winter is dragging on. After our walk, we decided to make a snowfort - our first since moving to Ohio. Daddy did most of the work, since I was busy keeping Emily from spoiling it. She loves to knock down any structure, whether it be Legos, Lincoln Logs, blocks... She's our demolition expert, much to the boys' annoyance sometimes. But, much to their credit, they are incredibly patient with her.

The boys lost interest after they helped create a nice half-circle igloo (no roof, mind you). Then, they went on to other snow fun, having lost interest. Daddy continued, creating quite a nice full-circle igloo, without a top. We both had to laugh the rest of the day when the boys kept congratulating themselves on THEIR igloo! Too funny! It never occurred to them to think of it as Daddy's igloo.

Daniel even said to me, "Timmy and I did such a good job on our fort!"

"Ahem, yes. I do agree Doodlebug. Daddy did a good job as well, don't you think?"

The Great Snow Melt

Today's walk was quite an experience, as it was about 60 degrees, and the GREAT SNOW MELT was in full swing. Timothy, my four-year-old, loves puddles. There aren't words to describe the joy in that boy's heart regarding puddle jumping. It's hands down his favorite activity, and thanks to the Ohio rain and snow, it's nearly a year-round pleasure. By the end of our walk, the boy was soaking wet, up to his tummy. Daniel, having done his fair share of splashing as well, begin to complain that his feet were cold.

Timothy retorted, "My feet are cold too! But I love cold feet! They're my greatest thing!"

All I could think of at that moment was how grateful I am that we are in Ohio now, rather than in the California desert. I will forever remember the sheer, pure joy displayed on my Timmy's face, in his feet, in his whole being, while he splashed his heart out on the day of the GREAT SNOW MELT, on the 3rd of March, 2008. Oh, God, what a beautiful, joyous sight!


Ashley said...

What a beautiful picture you painted. I've always loved jumping in puddles, so Timothy is a boy after my own heart!

Mama P said...

Hi Pam - First off, let me tell you how awesome Ashley is. I have been corresponding with her outside BC and she brings much insight, smarts and spirituality to the table. You couldn't have a better partner.

Which leads me to you and the reason I clicked over. You have so much always that is so well said. I appreciate your take on everything always. I also understand if you ever need a break or need to limit time. I get it. I struggle with that myself, writing 3 blogs! It's a great source of income and creative outlet for me, but I try so hard to not type after 8. Tuesdays, like now, are exceptions since my GH blogs are due.

Anyway, just letting you know how great you are. Truly.