Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Emily and The Wind

Today's entry comes courtesy of six-year-old Daniel. During homeschooling time he has been learning about the elements of a story. Here is his first delicious tale, most of which was dictated:

Once there was a baby named Emily crying in her crib. The wind said, "Don't cry. I will take you for a ride. I go super duper X16 roller-coaster fast!"

The baby and her crib got blown out the door. The wind kept blowing her inside and outside. The wind was alive and had a big, fluffy tail and eyes.

The baby said, "Wee! Wee!"
Then she said, "Me and the crib are tired. Please stop."

"Okay. Sorry for going X16 roller coaster fast", said the wind.

"No, don't say sorry!" the baby said. "I like that. Now I will be able to go to sleep because you went X16 roller coaster fast. Thank you for the ride and please visit here everyday. And please give me a ride everyday."

"I'm tired too", the wind said. "I'll splash in the rain puddles and then I'll go to sleep in the puddles and mud. I'll come back tomorrow!"

The End

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Evenspor said...

Great story. :)