Sunday, December 16, 2007

Taking the Plunge

I have long loved to write. The seeds were planted long ago, when my seventh-grade English teacher suggested that I might think about pursuing writing. Years went by and I thought about her comments very little.

Fast forward twelve years, and I become an elementary teacher. A passion for children and children's literature wells up inside me. Fast forward another six years, and I start a relationship with Jesus Christ. A passion for his Word ensues. Fast forward another four years, and I become a parent and more passion wells up inside me, for children, for family, for parenting.

Now, finally, I understand what makes a writer. Writing is passion spilling out through print. A writer must write. So now, twenty-eight years after my English teacher spoke, I have found my voice as a writer. I will write about children, about parenting, about God, and about family. As my life evolves, I'll write about more, but for now, these are my passions.

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